Nemesis International – Adding Value to The UAE Diamond Trade

Based in Dubai, Nemesis International has been voted as one of the top 10 rough diamond importers of 2017. The UAE Kimberley process confirmed that Nemesis International has imported over 4.6million carats of rough diamonds into the UAE. From the mine to the evaluation, sorting and polishing of diamonds, Nemesis International accompanies and nurtures the diamond every step of the way. Their market experience and passion for diamonds is unmatched and has allowed them to work with some of the most exciting and beautiful diamonds from mines around the world. It has also enabled them to work with the most exquisite high jewellery brands in the world. We had the opportunity to learn more about this successful diamond corporation and the CEO, Konema Mwenenge.

Konema Mwenenge, a graduate of Sciences PO in Paris and also holds a Masters Degree in Economics and Finances from the Panthéon-Sorbonne. As well as being the of CEO at Nemesis International, Mwenenge also serves as Managing Partner at Finexem, which is a financial advisory firm based in Paris and London.

Not only does Nemesis International possess expertise in evaluating a mines diamond production, boiling, analysis, designing, cutting and polishing diamonds but it also provides marketing and technical consultation for jewellery businesses. The technicians and consultants at Nemesis all possess extraordinary experience and expertise, offering transparent advice to the diamond industry from its base in Dubai.

One of the major diamond stories of the decade has been the 404-carat rough diamond called  “4 de Fevereiro”, it is the largest diamond ever found in Angola and the 27th biggest in the world. This historical stone, in turn, yielded a 163.41ct D Flawless Emerald cut stone. The Stone was then set by the Swiss high jeweller, de GRISOGONO into a fabulous necklace named Creation One.

In its rough form, the stone had an unprecedented purity, said Konema Mwenenge, CEO of Nemesis. Some 14 craftsmen worked on the diamond, primarily in New York. Another four or five smaller satellite stones were also polished from the rough, but will be sold separately, Mwenenge added.

The decision to sell the stones as independent pieces, rather than as a set, is part of de Grisogono’s and Nemesis’s strategy to present exceptional diamonds as works of art, Mwenenge noted. In that spirit, he explained, the sale of Creation One is not just about price.

In October 2017 at the Dubai Diamond Conference, held by the DMCC, Konema Mwenenge announced the opening of a brand new, next-generation polishing atelier called the Almas Diamond Services DMCC. This atelier, specialising in large and exceptional rough diamonds, has invested significantly in equipment and artisanal expertise to boil, evaluate & polish diamonds in a secure and safe environment.

Complete with the most advanced machines present in the diamond industry, this polishing facility will help increase UAE’s position and reputation in the global diamond trade. Dubai is now the world’s third largest diamond market. With this facility, it should reach the top very soon.

Konema Mwenenge and the team at Nemesis International are working hard to ensure the DMCC, and the UAE is becoming the leading diamond hub for the world.


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